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    Marshmallows - a gift for others...or yourself!

    Made with high quality ingredients in small batches to preserve the flavor of homemade.

  • 60+ Premium Marshmallow Fondants in neutral tones

    made from flavored marshmallows - Italian coffee mmf from Italian coffee marshmallows, etc.

  • Dark Chocolate Modeling Marshmallow Fondant

    Combines top quality flavor & 3D figure sculpting ability without melting in your hands.

  • Create the ultimate s'more

    Establish your own signature twist on this classic treat using our fresh gourmet marshmallows.

  • Flavor Infusion

    We make our own extracts, reductions & flavorings to create an irresistible depth of flavor.

Welcome to Artisan Marshmallow Co.
We believe in homemade because it is the one ingredient that everyone loves.  It can be tasted and most certainly craved.  From making our Irish Cream, French caramel, banana bread granola and praline truffles to hand cutting each marshmallow, there is a purity from this culinary passion that we breathe.  Artisan Marshmallow Co. proudly offers handcrafted marshmallows, flavored marshmallow fondants and marshmallow cremes.
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